BackPlayers: social turism, gaming and volunteering at WikiHostel
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February 20, 2016

Summary of the project

The “BackPlayers” project born with the idea to use the language of the game and the charm of the journey as suitable tools to spread awareness among the youth around good practice to intervene actively in society. Objective of the project is to increase the sensitivity on the issue of sustainability, and equip young participants with the tools to disseminate in their territory the project’s results. For this, from a group of volunteers of our association game fans and activators of a toy library, we chose this method, considering it as a suitable language, close to the younger generation of the globalized world: we refer in this regard to both games table as online games. The metaphor of the journey was chosen instead because inherently suited to accompany the discovery of new cultures and territories, with an approach of curiosity and respect necessary to exploit the riches to be discovered across the world and at the same time to preserve them: we speak of social and sustainable tourism, namely that attention typical of conscious traveler to love the places and the people he meets and to recount memories. Right from here, the name BackPlayers as fusion between the figure of Backpackers, travelers often just alone with their backpacking to meet people and to face their own adventures, and Players, gamers who playfully confront and solve puzzles and questions, in each time finding the best solutions to win. Activities are planned in the run-up that will allow young participants to exchange ideas and to get in touch, to make sure that the main activity of the project’ll be performed in the best way: the transnational exchange will be hosted in a hostel, which will provide the structure and, we hope, will be the place to immerse participants in the right mood. During the exchange activities will be mixed, meetings and workshops, as well as outdoor activities, role play and, as the main theme, the design of a game, in which young people will approciate collectively and collaboratively.

Our Partner

reativaReativaTe (Portugal)   Viaje  Viaje a la sostestenibilidad (Spain)


The youth exchange

During the week, the partecipant will experience different kind of activities:

brain Trainings    lab    Labs    Event   Events


You can see the timetable here!


To be updated in real time, follow our page

Associazione No Border Onlus



Meet the BackPlayers! avatarpizzaEvent

If you’re not among the participants, do not despair! There are opportunities for the local community to meet the BackPlayers and join the intercultural events: contact us, but above all, KEEP YOURSELF FREE on monday the 29th, because at 6pm there will be the funniest public event of BackPlayers! We can’t anticipate you anything, but trust us, you’ll see by yourself the result of the project! Ah, and don’t forget to join the PizzaParty final event of the project, just after the public presentation! Check the FB event 😉



The Trainers brain lab


ofpcina Kiki  devoted herself as a self-taught at the GNU / Linux world, conquered by his philosophy. Curator of the association’s educational and VisualZoo RaccattaRAEE (, collaborates with several streaming radio and FM (,,, ..). Take part in the free time to the social space projects XM24 ( and to archive collaborative development Arkiwi ( Freelance from 2013, media activist in favor of Free Software, Web Standards and Licenses Copyleft. Here you can try your Italian and discover its activities as trainer 😉

yardMauro is a trainer of “Yard“, a social promotion association leading the Patchanka Network, based in Milan and working on youth developement, antiracism and new technology. yard already has experience in training young people on game design: Back Thru the Future is the last project made by an informal group of youngs, with the coaching of Mauro! He will run the activities about game design, in collaboration with a friend of Cranio Creations! Have fun 🙂

NFDOur dear friends penelope.di.pixel & xdxd_vs_xdxd are finally coming to WikiHostel to share with us a special experience: they will guide us into a Near Future Design, through the dimensions of desire and imaginary. They will show us that the future does not exist. It is a performance to which we all take part in, establishing a global conversation, making decisions and embracing directions. Each time we do this, we push our perception of “what is possible” a little further.


This is “Lam’da“, the cultural playful association you were searching for… Ah, no, you weren’t?! Well, you found it anyway!Come and meet them, you will not regret it!

They bring the game, you play!



The StakeHoldermuseo

Il Museo Del Giocattolo Di Zagarolo, the Zagarolo Toys Museum! They won the award as the “Most Social Museum of the Roman castles and Prenestini Mountains” on september 2015. The Toy Museum will welcome the “BackPlayers” on friday 26th at 5 pm with a guided tour though the history of italian toys and traditional games!