No Border ONLUS is a non-profit organization founded on 2004. We operate actions, projects and volunteering programmes related to: SOCIAL TOURISM, CROSS-CULTURE, SUSTAINABILITY. Among all the projects, local actions, international exchanges we activate we are particularly proud of our hostelling project (WIKI HOSTEL) amd farming project (PANTASEMA). WIKI HOSTEL (est 2009) is a international hostel hosting backpackers and real travellers from all over the world as guests or volunteers. The hostel is the headquarter of our projects, the mission is to actively encourage the meeting between the global and the local, out of any discrimination and prejudices. Local and international volunteers are involved into this mission thru cross-cultural initiatives, language labs, social kitchen activities, exchanges, workcamps, not-formal education in/out of schools. PANTASEMA (est 2015) is our farming project and the top of our action for sustainability having the mission to encourage the back-to-the-land kind of lifestyle. We save local tastes, ancient seeds and grow farm animals. We practice and share knowledge related to natural agricolture and nature conservancy; we promote and practice reuse, recycle and do-it by ourselves. We are continuosly involved in local and international networking projects. We represents an important player for the development of our local area, aiming to create a real change into the minds of the people as a sustainable grow. We develop networking at various level, we are partner of several no-profit organization and we also operate with local and european istitutions. Our projects have been collected several awards as the Hi5ive Top Friendly award or the best Youth In Action european project for the seven-years Y.A.P. programme. Our family is the Patchanka network www.panweb.eu