EVS CALL for 2018 in Zagarolo, Rome
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January 16, 2018


Long Term EVS project in Zagarolo, Rome, Italy from March 19th till October 19th, 2018

Hello everybody!

We are looking for a candidate resident in France as volunteer for the EVS project Intercultural & Local Development Agents supported by the sending organization CONCORDIA – Rhône Alpes.

The topics of the project will be interculture, social tourism, local development and sustainability: you are going to be a member of our non profit organization No Border Line Onlus that will host the project in Zagarolo, a small town just 30 minutes from the center of Rome, Italy.

The candidate we are looking for is a youngster that wish to help the association No Border Line Onlus to improve projects through media production and communication activities.



Projet de Service Volontaire Européen (SVE) long terme à Zagarolo, Rome, Italie du 19 mars au 19 octobre 2018.

Bonjour à tous !

Nous sommes à la recherche d’un candidat résident en France comme volontaire pour un projet SVE : Intercultural & Local Development Agents, porté par l’organisation d’envoi CONCORDIA – Rhône Alpes.

Les objectifs du projet sont l’interculturalité, le tourisme social, le développement local et durable. Vous serez un membre de notre association à but non lucratif No border Line Onlus, qui accueille ce projet à Zagarolo, un village situé à juste 30 minutes du centre de Rome, en Italie.

Nous cherchons un candidat jeune qui souhaite aider l’association No Border Line Onlus à améliorer les projets à travers des activités de production de media et de communication.

FRANCAIS APPEL : Appel à participation SVE 2018



The EVS program

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) helps young people travel abroad to participate in volunteering projects. As an EVS volunteer, you commit yourself to the work for a social organisation abroad, on an voluntary and full-time basis. Volunteering projects can involve many different kinds of activities and what you have achieved and learned through volunteering is certified Europe-wide via the Youthpass recognition tool.

Conditions and duration

You must aged between 17 to 30 years to subscribe. During your time abroad you will receive linguistic support, health insurance and all the essential costs related to your volunteering project will be totally covered: you will be provided with accommodation, board, travel from and back home, any local transport that you may need and a basic pocket money for your own expenses.

Time abroad: starting on the 19th of March 2018 for a duration of 7 months (end: 19th October 2018)

Who we are

No Border Line Onlus is a non profit organization active since 2004 in territorial development activities and sharing between local community and global travellers. We promote our themes through social events and cultural animation, volunteering, youth exchanges and activities of non formal education for youngs and kids. The headquarter and main project of our organization is WIKI Hostel, an international youth hostel that every year hosts thousands of backpackers, giving them the opportunity to discover and deeply meet the local community, that take advantage from this interaction in terms of exchanges, open-mindset and energy. No Border Line Onlus is also developing with other organizations a Territorial Development Agency and it is really active in the community life of our pretty small town, Zagarolo.

Location and context of the project

Zagarolo is a typical Middle Age Italian old town located just 30 minutes from Rome downtown. The historical center lies on a narrow tufaceous hill, surrounded by green valleys and host many precious highlights: the ducal palace, arches, churches, typical alleys and little streets. The pilgrim route “Via Francigena” passes through the countryside of Zagarolo. We are in the enchanting south-east of Rome area, known as “Castelli Romani & Monti Prenestini”: it is a beautiful region, rich of history and featured by a tradition of good wine and tasty food. Zagarolo is a favorited departure point for visiting Rome thanks to the many direct and fast train connections between our small town and Roma downtown.

The project

  • Social Tourism and Hostelling
  • Local and Rural Development
  • Interculture and Antiracism
  • Sustainability and Recycling

are the keywords of our organization. The candidate for this project will be direct to the goal of communication, promotion and dissemination of the organization’s activities, through an intense audiovisual production and social media managing. The european volunteer will maximize the social impact and will raise the awareness about the social work of the association with photo, video and graphic viral products.

In the project is also involved another EVS volunteer mostly oriented to the aim to bring international and local youngs in the in the organization’s activities and to enhance cultural exchanges and them impact on the local level.

The two european volunteers will work side by side, with different specific objectives but the same main goal: to help No Border Line Onlus to increase participation around its own territorial activities and rise active citizenship in its huge international and local young community. Thanks to this experience the two european volunteers will acquire a lot of transversal and soft skills and in particular they will learn more about two important and complex tasks that are a basis for every non profit organization: how to involve and motivate volunteers and resources, how to communicate and attract interest about ethic topics and social activities.

More detailed activities and tasks

Candidate for the role of media producer and communicator:

#1 Information tasks

  • –  Manage the publication and / or translation of news on websites
  • –  Campaigns on thematic awareness
  • –  Support the promotion of specific events (editing, graphics, promotion …)

#2 Multimedia Production tasks

  • –  Collect and store photos and videos of the association’s activities
  • –  Work on small post multimedia productions (videos, albums …)
  • –  Support the management of social networking channels of the association

#3 Valorization of the territory tasks

  • –  Help to organize and manage territorial promotion events
  • –  Realize small searches, interviews, and documentation related to local tradition
  • –  Make a photographic exhibition of the work done for the local community



    If you really want to join us and applicate as volunteer for this project there are some step to get in contact.

  1.  At first we need you CV and a motivational letter in which you tell us a bit about you and why do you think this project fits with you. Remember to include any kind of information you think can be useful for the selection.Send everything to: info@noborderonlus.org and cd.rhone-alpes@concordia.fr with the object “Application for ICLODEA EVS project”. Deadline: 19th January 2018
  2.  If you will overcome the first selection we will answer you in order to organize a video chat.Contacts and more infoBefore to applicate we suggest to check yourself our websites and social pages!Here you can find some more info about us:

    www.noborderonlus.org (main web site)
    www.facebook.com/noborderonlus ; www.facebook.com/wikihostel (some social networks) www.panweb.eu (our national NPO’s network)


No Border Line ONLUS – Zagarolo, Rome, Italy Mail to: info@noborderonlus.org
Call at: +39 0695200054
WhatsApp chat: +39 3297647748

Mail to: cd.rhone-alpes@concordia.fr
Call at: +33 0472609756